Stop Wasting Time! 3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Next Job Fair

Heard about a local career fair happening in the Columbus, Ohio area? This is a one-day gathering of the region’s top employers who are eager to meet candidates like you, for immediate hire.

A job fair can be an exciting but also anxiety-inducing experience for anyone, especially if you’ve never participated in one before. It can also be a big time waster if you are not prepared to make the most of things.

Learn how to avoid wasting precious time at the next job fair, and walk out with a job (or at least a few solid leads).

Get a fresh new image

Before you even think about heading to a job fair, take the time to clean up your appearance and make a positive first impression. If you have the budget, pick out a flattering business outfit and get a fresh haircut. You’ll feel more confident on the big day. As part of this effort, update your resume and business calling cards too. Get multiple copies made. Use your special branding to stand out from other candidates, such as a smart logo or color theme on your materials. Think about this as your chance to sell your skills to potential employers.

Optimize your social networks

Make it a point to update and clean up all your social media channels before you head to the job fair. Why is so important? Recruiters will generally check out candidates on their social profiles before reaching out to them. Be strategic and connect with the HR manager or a recruiter at the staffing firms and companies that will be attending the job fair. Hint: You can find a list of companies on the advertisement or the job fair website.

Plan a focused approach

Walk into the job fair as soon as it opens and plan to make the most of this day. You should have a list of the companies you would like to focus, so start there rather than aimlessly walking around the room like so many other candidates. Once you have met with the representatives at the companies you would like to work for, start working the room and go to every booth that is not overflowing with people.  Give each company around 5 minutes unless someone expresses interest in you. Set up an interview by leaving a personal calling card and a copy of your resume, scheduling a date for as soon as possible.

At the job fair, you may be tempted to leave early without talking to everyone there, but resist the urge and make the most of this event. Pay close attention to companies that have immediate hiring needs, staffing agencies, and those in your industry to make the most of this time.

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