3 Must-Have Documents Within Your New-Hire Packet

As a busy human resources professional, no doubt you probably already have some things put together ahead of time to make new hire onboarding smoother. One of these may even be new hire packets, which include the paperwork and information that you provide to employees when they arrive to work for the first time. But, when is the last time you audited your new hire packets to make sure they included what you need to be compliant?

Whether you need to update your existing new hire packets, or you are creating one from scratch – here are the three must-have documents to include.

Welcome Letter

When creating your new hire packet, you need to include a welcome letter addressed to the employee. This welcome letter should include a warm greeting to the employee, convey how pleased the company is that they chose to work for you, a brief introduction to the company and the new hire’s job description with salary information. Close the letter with a contact person’s name a phone number if the new hire has any questions about onboarding, training, technology, and HR related questions.

Employee Information Forms

No hiring packet would be complete without all the necessary employee information forms you need to have them fill out. These information forms should gather the employee’s address, social security number, contact information, an emergency contact, payroll information, health care benefit selections, and any special equipment sizing or needs (like uniforms or safety shoes). Government forms are also an important part of this information gathering, as you need to process an I-9 form for the IRS, a W-4 form for payroll, and in some states a special government form for gathering child support payment information.

Employee Handbook

This all important document should be issued for every new hire. This can be delivered in a hard copy form, or via a digital download. Why is this important? The employee handbook includes all of the details about company policies and procedures so that the new hire can navigate his way through the confusing first few days and months on the job. It also includes certain sign off’s on policies that protect the company, such as anti-drug use, workplace harassment, and employee safety requirements that you can document each new hire has been trained on and agreed to.

New hire packets do not have to be complicated, but they should be complete. Review them with your staffing agency if you are not sure you have all the needed elements. Remember, when you hire temporary employees, the staffing agency handles much of the new hire onboarding, but may still want to coordinate with your company to supply some of the above factors.

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