How to Implement a Company Policy (That Employees Actually Follow)

How to Implement a Company Policy (That Employees Actually Follow) from Vector Technical Inc.



Implementing new or updated company policies can be difficult to do, especially when it comes to getting your employees to follow them. Companies will implement new policies every so often in order to keep problems from developing or if something new has been added to the organization. For example, if the company has switched to a new software program, a new policy might be implemented on how it is to be used.

Here, we will share some best practices for changing a process so that your employees will follow a company policy that has been modified.

The Company Policy is for All Employees

One of the most important things you must do when implementing a new company policy is to explain that it is for all of your employees. Companies have continued to write new policies that do not cover every level of employees at the company. Any new policy you write should encompass all employees. If it does, make sure you explain to your employees that the policy covers all of them.

Reinforce New Company Policy

The second tip in today’s post is to reinforce the new policy as often as possible in order to keep it fresh in the minds of your employees. There is a fine line you will walk here and if you cross it, you will likely anger your employees. They need to know that the policy must be followed, but you also do not want to become overbearing and force new procedure. HR departments will need to find creative and tolerable ways to reinforce the policy without upsetting employees.

Assign People to Announce Company Policy Change

For larger companies with multiple departments, you need to assign people who can announce the policy to their co-workers. In larger companies, new policies might not reach every single department when announced solely by an upper-level manager or the HR department. By assigning one specific person per department to announce the policy, you are guaranteeing that the policy will be heard by every employee in every department.

Be Available for Questions

Once a new policy is introduced, you cannot close your door to the employees. They will likely have questions about the policy and you need to be available to answer them. Their questions could be important to how the policy is carried out, so be sure to make yourself available to answer them. The minute you close your office door after a new policy is implemented, it gives employees the impression that it is not too important to follow.

As you can see, when a new company policy is introduced, it needs to be done in such a way that all employees will follow it. If you follow the tips outlined above, you should have no trouble getting employees to follow your new company policy.

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