3 Job Search Tips for College Graduates

If you are about to graduate from college or have already done so, this can be a very exciting time in your life. After you put away your graduation cap and hang your diploma on the wall, it’s time to start your next journey towards landing a great career. The job search can seem a little daunting at first, but if you know how to go about it the right way it won’t be long before you will be working in your dream job.

Here are three job search tips for the new college grad:

Develop Your Online Brand

Employers are out there eagerly awaiting the next wave of college graduates to hire. One way they will find you is if you create a presence online. This starts with developing an online portfolio that highlights your best work, along with social media profiles that create a strong professional brand. A great way to do this is to develop a blog or use a professional social media resource like LinkedIn. Remember to add a professional photo of yourself along with information about your education, experience, and unique skills that you bring to the table. Continually add great content around this brand.

Create an Outstanding Resume

Most employers require a resume in order to apply for jobs. Therefore, you will want to work with a career coach, staffing executive, or resume writer to develop a well-designed resume. This resume is like a sales document in that it actively pitches you to potential employers. Your resume should be well formatted and written in a way that highlights your best skills and achievements. You will also need a cover letter that introduces you briefly to hiring managers. There are many resources for creating a resume, but the rule of thumb is to keep it simple and direct for the best results.

Proactively Use Your Connections

Very often, a successful job search is more about who you know then what you know. This is something that has not changed over the years, but as a new college grad you have many new ways of using your connections. Social networks, industry associations, community civic and religious groups, and career and staffing networks found locally and online can support your goals of finding a great job. However, you cannot sit back and expect people to reach out to you. Instead, treat your job search like it is a job and use your connections proactively. Take the time to communicate with and follow up with the people you meet both online and in person. Make it known that you are looking for a career opportunity.

Ready to launch your career?

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