Evaluating (and Overcoming) the Skills Gap within Your Workplace

In a highly competitive business climate, companies simply cannot afford to have skill gaps. While there is a surplus of eligible candidates in the market, there are many skill sets that are difficult if not impossible to find. According to many industry reports, the biggest concern that employers have is not being able to find enough active candidate who possess these desirable skills. This is why it is very important to evaluate and overcome any skill gaps that may exist within your workplace. In this article, we will discuss ways to accomplish this.

Conduct a skills assessment of your current personnel

The first step in identifying any potential skills gaps is to conduct a thorough skills assessment of your current teams. Start by reviewing the job descriptions and requirements of each job. Make an inventory of the most impactful skills needed. Review these with front-line managers to find out who has the skills, who is developing these skills, and where the gaps lie. Once you have done this, it is important to sit down with your HR team to design a plan of action.

Decide what employees are trainable

As part of any skills gap assessment one must be thinking in terms of succession planning. Therefore, you’ll want to work with your management team to select some of the employees who have the ability to learn new skills and technology. Choose from your top performance employees and meet with them to see if there is enough interest from them to start developing their skills in the areas that are lacking. During this process, you may further identify skills that exist but have not been put to use yet.

Connect with your staffing agency

Now that you have a good idea of the skills that are lacking within your organization, it’s time to meet with your preferred staffing agency. Choose a technical staffing agency like Vector Technical, Inc. to help you support your efforts to bring in targeted skill sets. Staffing agencies can provide temporary and part-time employees who have the right skills and can augment your current skill sets. Many can also offer on-site coaching and training services so that your existing employees can begin to develop the right skills that you need to stay ahead. If there are major gaps, your staffing experts will begin to formulate a plan for hiring the right people for your organizational goals. Very often, they already have great technical candidates who have some of these missing skills that you can bring on immediately.

By following the above tips, your organization can continually grow and innovate so that you can stand out in your industry. Contact Vector Technical, Inc. for more information about technical staffing support in Cleveland.

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